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What is a training agreement?

Important note: Internships Portugal does not provide training agreements or internship contracts for your internship. We connect students and universities or schools with companies, therefore all the documentation should be provided by an officially recognised educational institution.

What is a training agreement?

A training agreement is basically a document that defines the nature of your internship or placement. It is issued by your current or former university or your educational institution and serves to prove that the internship would be a part of your studies and related to your education. The agreement is signed by the sending institution (university), the receiving company, and you, the intern. Spain Internship cannot and does not provide training agreements; this is just an informational article.

Whether you are currently studying or a recent graduate, we require you to be able to get a training agreement from your university or private academic school. Without the training agreement, we unfortunately cannot help you, as Spanish legislation requires the interns to provide one.

What should a training agreement include?

The following points are what training agreements usually include, but are not limited to these:


Contact & personal information
Enrolled university

University / Sending Institution

Contact information 
Supervisor / international office contact 
Educational objectives of the internship
Contact information 
Internship supervisor 
Tasks of intern 
Dates of internship  

Company / Host organisation

Contact details
Information about the company


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