Our internship programs and services in Portugal

Eligibility and guidelines

In order to be eligible for an internship, the student needs to provide a training agreement. The training agreement should be signed by a university or an educational institution. In the case that you are not enrolled in a course or cannot provide a training agreement, you will need to create a study program + internship.

You can download a sample of training agreement here.


European Citizens do not need visas to do an internship in Portugal.

U.S. citizens or Canadians would need to apply for a visa if their stay is longer than 90 days.

Other citizens would need to apply for a Visa in order to be eligible for this program.

If you need a Visa to come to Portugal, there are necessary documents for the visa application:

1. 4 passport size photographs.
2. Passport valid for a minimum of 120 days (original and 1 photocopy of the first 3 pages.
3. Documentation (original and 1 copy) of the Training agreement and a letter of intent demonstrating that you are admitted and pre-registered as a student at the public or private establishment for a period not less than three months. It is necessary to prove it with the training agreement.
4. Having secured the necessary financial needs to cover the cost of studies and living expenses and return to your country.
5. Having health insurance coverage, provided by the school.
6. Medical certificate to be free from contagious disease, drug addiction or mental illness. Depending on the country of origin you may request any additional requirement. Refer to the Portuguese consular mission in your country of origin.


To register for an internship program in Portugal, send us the service contract to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., signed stating the internship program you want to apply for and pay the 100 € refundable deposit. Please download the service agreement here.

In case we have not found a program with your requirements, we will refund you within 48 working hours.

If an internship in Portugal is something that interests you send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to apply!
Or visit our programs page for more information on the programs that we offer.

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